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Decorating a rental home

System - Wednesday, March 4, 2015

There are many advantages to renting a home vs buying a home these days (see t​his article)​, but one drawback for some people is the inability to customize your house to make it feel like home. Here are some tips for rental­friendly decorating.


Rugs can really add pop and color to any room. You can cover that carpet you aren’t so crazy about or that weird vinyl floor in the kitchen or bath. Like The Dude says, it can really tie the room together. Best thing? If you decide to move, you can take it with you.

Shower head

Replacing that boring shower head with a nice handheld shower sprayer is actually very easy to do and can really brighten your everyday routine! Be sure to keep the old shower head that way when you move, you can keep your new one!

Accent wall paint

Adding color to just a wall or two is a great way to add color and style to your home without the cost and time of painting the whole home. Plus, it is cheaper and easier! Choose a light to medium color that way it will be easier to paint it back to the original color if you move out. Make sure to check out your lease agreement or ask your landlord to avoid any fees upon move­out.

Accent walls (paint­free!)

Get a large canvas and paint it a bold color or make a cool abstract design to add color and character to your home. Another option is to get a large wall­sized piece of fabric in a cool design and hang it on the wall. Its kind of like a wall tapestry, but not so stuffy (or as expensive). Try it behind the couch in the living room or behind the bed. It’s also great for kids to add some personality to their bedrooms.


Curtains can really change the way a room looks and adds so much style for not a lot of money and of course, very portable.

Paint some furniture

You can pick up some cool cheap furniture at goodwill, thrift store, craigslist or even off the street if you feel adventurous. Just be wary of upholstered items as they can harbor unwanted  creepies like bedbugs and pet odors. Once you find a gem, grab some bright fun paint at a local hardware store and get all DIY.


Hang pictures and art to make your home personal and spice up boring white walls.


Adding new lighting to a home can change the whole vibe of the space. That drab boob­light fixture will be less noticeable if the light source is from a few cool lamps instead. Vintage and thrift store are great places to get great deals on lamps. If you are handy or have an electrician friend, you could even change out the light fixture to really add some drama to the room. Just be sure to keep the old one and replace it upon move­out.

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