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Heat Pump or Gas Furnace?

System - Thursday, January 29, 2015

Heat Pump or Gas Furnace?

The south is a great place to live and one reason is our nice climate! Our winters are very mild and freezing temperatures are typically rare and do not last more than a few days. Because of this, many homes operate on a heat pump which is ideal for this type of climate. However, on those rare few days of cold weather, a heat pump may seem a bit lacking. In the long run, the system is very effective and efficient. Here are some pros and cons of a heat pump and a gas be the judge.

Heat Pumpspros+cons
Heat Pump systems operate on electricity and are ideal for homes in moderate climates. The pros and cons of this type of system include:

*Efficiency. Most electric heat pumps are significantly more energy efficient when compared to a gas operated furnace.

*Operating cost. In most areas, electricity rates are lower than natural gas, meaning that a heat pump system will cost less to operate than a gas fired furnace.

*Quietness. Hot air heat pumps do not make as much noise as a furnace.

*Effectiveness. In periods of extremely cold weather, a heat pump is not as effective at heating a home.

Gas Furnacepros+cons
Gas fired furnaces have been used for decades to warm homes. The advantages and disadvantages of this type of home heating equipment include:

*Lifespan. A gas fired furnace usually has a longer lifespan than a heat pump.

*Less maintenance. Since a gas operated furnace is only used for a few months out of each year, the maintenance requirements are less than those for a heat pump.

*Dependability. A gas fired furnace has fewer mechanical parts than a heat pump, meaning fewer things that can break down or malfunction.

*Warmth. When cold weather strikes, a gas furnace will keep your home very warm. 

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